Lakes We Seasonally Service!

Below you can see the areas we provide seasonal installation and removal services.

Install and remove docks in Eagle River

Our list of current lakes: Anvil Lake, Three Lakes Chain, Big Lake, Big Sand Lake, Cisco Lake Chain, East Bay Lake, Kentuck Lake, Lac Vieux Desert, Lake Laura, Lake Lucerne, Long Lake, Mamie Lake, Muskellunge Lake, Eagle River Chain, Presque Isle Chain, North Twin Lake, South Twin Lake, Two Sisters Lake, Virgin Lake, West Bay Lake, Whitefish Lake, Bay of Green Bay.

Spend more time on the water and leave the heavy lifting to us!

My family has been working with boats, lifts, and docks for years. We started this business because we are passionate about helping people and love working outdoors in Northern Wisconsin.

- Ryan Burg, Owner