Functional and Modern Dock Accessories

Do you Currently Have a Wood Dock?
Enjoy This brand-new CUSTOM Bracket solution!

Our excellent bracket solution is to help support your wood dock. We offer a custom-designed and manufactured bracket that works with our existing leg stand. By using your current wood sections with these stands, you can be sure to have an extremely solid pier. 

Durable Daka Dock Accessories

You can personalize your Daka Roll-in or sectional docks to your liking by choosing from a range of options, including ladders, adjustment winches, benches, furniture, and other features worth exploring.

Check Out Top of the Line Bulmann Dock Accessories!

Consider enhancing the appearance and functionality of your waterfront by installing accessories such as a Stand-Up Paddle Board Rack, Kayak Racks, Dock Box, Flower Box, and more. These additions will provide a personalized touch to your dock, tailored to suit your individual preferences and requirements

Boat Dock Accessories

Spend more time on the water and leave the heavy lifting to us!

My family has been working with boats, lifts, and docks for years. We started this business because we are passionate about helping people and love working outdoors in Northern Wisconsin.

- Ryan Burg, Owner