Lift Additions That Make Your Life Easier

Ultimate Guides

No experience needed! ANYONE can dock your boat!

Position your boat perfectly every time


Keeps Boat Straight

 Zero Stress Landing 

Available for V-Hull Boats

Combine with Adjustable Bow Stop

To prevent collisions between your boat and lift, the rear guides can be positioned behind the canopy. The Ultimate Guides are adjustable to perfectly fit your boat. With PVC posts only touching the boat’s rub rail, the watercraft is straightened as it enters the lift without affecting its appearance. This system ensures maximum protection of your property while maintaining ease of use.

Pontoon Ultimate Guides

Land and launch your pontoon with precision!

Protect your boat when entering the lift


Pontoon Kept Straight

 No Stress Landing 

Also Available for Tritoons

Combine with Adjustable Bow Stop

When landing and launching a pontoon, the PVC posts will catch your watercraft! 

Pontoon Horizontal Guides

The newest guide system! 

Easily guide your boat onto the bunks

Straightens Your Pontoon

 Land and Launch Worry Free 

 Also Available for Tritoons

 Combine with Adjustable Bow Stop for A Flawless Experience

A pontoon guide system alternative. The horizontal guides catch the outside of the toons. A recommend bow stop offers a perfect landing.

8-Post Guide

Designed for smaller size watercrafts!

A simpler version of the Ultimate Guides.

Straightens Your Boat

 Land and Launch Worry Free 

 Add Adjustable Bow Stop for Best Experience

The vertical PVC guides contact only the rub tail of the boat. This prevents the hull from making contact with the frame. Adjust the width between the guides for perfect positioning. This system is recommended for moderate wind and wave conditions.

Add a Remote Control Box Kit!

Adjust to where you need and lift with ease! 

Watch to see how it works!

Add More Accessories To Your Lift

Make your waterfront standout!

 Standard and High Rise Canopy: Provides superior protection from elements. Acrylic-coated and 100% woven polyester. Over 20 colors to choose from!

Motor Stop: Properly load in your lift with light to moderate waves! 

Wheel Brackets & Spindles: Essential installation tool! Attach a wheel bracket to the lift frame that stays on all year round.

Spend more time on the water and leave the heavy lifting to us!

My family has been working with boats, lifts, and docks for years. We started this business because we are passionate about helping people and love working outdoors in Northern Wisconsin.

- Ryan Burg, Owner