Lifts That Give You Peace of Mind

Get your boat in and out of the water FAST with Daka Lifts!

Daka Hydraulic Boat Lifts

Fluctuating Waters? We’ve got you secured!

Marine-Grade Lifts Built to Last!

Hydraulic cylinder located above water: Reduce wear and tear with a line that pulls cables instead of wrapping!

Easy to access aluminum battery box: A 12-volt hydraulic pump and battery are conveniently located!

 Optional solar panel: Trouble-free 25 or 45 watt solar panel.

Daka Vertical Boat Lifts

A lift that won’t fail you!

Adjust Legs Easily

Boat lift leveling made easy with adjustable legs! Just use a cordless drill to move them without getting into the water.

Lift To New Heights!

Keep your boat safe and sound! 61″ of lifting height PLUS additional 30″ of leg adjustment!

Low Maintenance Features!

Stainless steel cables, parts, and vertical guides increase the longevity and reduce the maintenance of your boat lift.

Don't go without adding helpful features!

Strongarm Winch, Electric Winch Drives, Boat Lift Wheel Kit, Landing Guides, Boarding Platform, Lift Leveler, Solar Panel and Battery Tray, Sunblocker Canopy Curtains, Free Standing Canopy, Maverick Pro Extra Deep Canopy, Bird Detterent

Spend more time on the water and leave the heavy lifting to us!

My family has been working with boats, lifts, and docks for years. We started this business because we are passionate about helping people and love working outdoors in Northern Wisconsin.

- Ryan Burg, Owner