Zoom In and Out Of The Water With Our PWC Lifts!

Bulmann Double Hydraulic PWC Lift

You’ve never seen a lift like this before…

The most user friendly PWC lift on the market!

Perfect Positioning Every Time! Push button operation with 6 guide posts and 2 bow stops!

● Can Be Raised and Lowered Conveniently! The buttons are placed right behind the handlebar. 

Optional Canopy with Built in Door!

Free Standing Option! Will accommodate a long distance of shallow water.

Place Dock Section Between Lifts! Creates a walkway with 4′ and 6′ wide dock sections.

Watch the FUN in action!

Bulmann PWC High Lift

Varying water levels are no match for this!

Keep your PWC above the waves!

PWC lift perfect for Green Bay

Perfect for High Energy Lakes: Featuring 60 inches of lifting bed height!

 Withstands Harsh Water Conditions: Built with the highest quality material.

 Overly Secured Support: Superior soft vinyl bunks, aircraft quality aluminum, stainless steel cables, oversized pulleys and stainless steel hardware.

Bulmann Manual PWC Lift

Get on board with this classic!

Keep your PWC safe and secure!

 Great Weight Capacity: 1300 LB capacity! 51 inches between guide posts.

 Custom Extrusions: A grip channel with frame spreader attachment material. Prevents frame from loosening over time.

 Overall Aluminum Construction: Two welded side frames and non-corrosive material.

Add PVC Guide Posts and More!

See the EPIC features!

Daka PWC Lift

Zoom in and out of the water!

The most versatile PWC lift!

Telescoping Legs: Easily lower or raise with a hand crank. Constructed with custom extruded aluminum tubing.

 Small but MIGHTY: Only weighing 142 lbs and holds up to 1400 lbs!

 Stability and Support: Lifts 60″ and features two adjustable 16″ rear legs.

Daka Connect-A-Port Lift

Drive right on! Attaches to ANY dock!

Designed to Accommodate: Can support a one, two, or three-person watercraft up to 1,700 pounds.

Painless Drive-On Lift: Available in 6’x10′ or 4’x8′, 20″ deep sections.

 Strong Material: Polyethylene plastic makes it an easy care option with little to no maintenance!

Features: Two keel rollers, six bow rollers, bow stop, cable and clip, and multiple molded-in tie-down loops.

Spend more time on the water and leave the heavy lifting to us!

My family has been working with boats, lifts, and docks for years. We started this business because we are passionate about helping people and love working outdoors in Northern Wisconsin.

- Ryan Burg, Owner